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It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.

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Fire is catching! And if we burn, you burn with us.

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When you don’t have anybody to take care of you, then you could go both ways: You could do whatever you want, or you could take charge and be your own parent.

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pretty little liars rewatch pilot ∞ 1x01

❝ I’m still here b i t c h e s and I know everithing. -A ❞

“Human beings as a whole cannot be good for long before the bad creeps back in and poisons us again.” 


round 2

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get to know me: [2/5] Favorite Female Characters » Allison Argent

There’s always hope.


caroline + green/purple (requested by lexiessgrey)

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The mockingjay is  a l i v e.

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Saoirse Ronan photographed for Wonderland Magazine 2014

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I would stare at your photo on the murder board. And I started thinking if I would look at it enough everyday that would keep you alive. And then I had this thing about your chair. I wouldn’t let anyone touch it. And the night janitor came by and tried to move the chair and I freaked out and almost shot him.

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"Maybe you should start doing things a little differently."

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